We are here to unite Churches, pastors and believers with one mind and one accord thereby building His body into one. We can only do this by demonstration of the power and the authority of the Gospel and by showing how our God loves everyone. To show people that He still heals, He provides, He cares and He saves. This we do by reaching out to people who need this in their lives.

One soul at a time. Doing it Gods way. Know He loves you for we are here to remind you of His love with His messages, songs and inspiring testimonies that revives people's ear and mind.

To inspire, revive and restore God's own people and the gentiles to His grace. To make disciples of all the nations. To preach the Word of God as the Word of God undiluted in its full power. To teach people to put their faith in Jesus fully without any doubt.

God bless you, join us in this vision and be blessed!!

The Spirit of the Lord inspired me to start this online FM as it is His desire to take His Word Word through this FM to the ends of the earth. He said He is going to take this FM to the ends of the Earth. When I was worshiping in my Church one day, He whispered in a still small voice and said to me, Name it "HammerFM".

Here we are bringing God's Word and His praise and worship to you in four different languages. In English, Tamil, Hindi & Hebrew.

All the programs we bring to you through HammerFM are God inspired and will bring peace into your soul and into your home.

I pray God speak to everyone through these programs that we are to broadcast, which will be a warm cup of tea to your hearts.

"Be tuned" to HammerFM to "Get Tuned" to His Holy Spirit.

We at Wells of Salvation Church and HammerFM, we help/ support "NESSA" which is a Charity run by RU-AH Ministries. We have made a decision to sponsor from this year (2013) to Sponsor 7 Students every year to do Bible Education.

We support a Ministry in Ethiopia By sending them 100 English Bibles every year. We also support Widows and orphans in Chennai(South India)through Wells of Salvation Church.

If you are inspired by the Spirit of God and you want to sow in to this ministry, we welcome you to be a part of HammerFM family and be part of a covenantal blessing.

We pray God to give give into your hand the seed to sow and reap a harvest.

Good Morning Holy Spirit
"Those who seek me diligently
will find me." - Proverbs 8:17

First fruits
"Honor the Lord with the first fruits of all your increase"

Hearing His Voice
Pastor. John Jebaraj - Levi ministries, India

Voices of Praise
"Break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises." - Psalm 98:4

Turning Point - Pastor. Selvin
Pastor Selvin shares his life changing testimony.

Hello Israel!
Listen to fascinating, traditional Hebrew songs and feel His presence.

Yeshu Maeri Zindagi
"Hindi worship songs, I am sure you will feel His presence here."

Mirror that reflects
Sister. Margaret Pandian - Lebanon Ministries.

Cupper for your Soul
"He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness"

Songs of Anointing
"And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil."

Soaring High Ministries
"Bro. Karthik shares his testimonies followed by Soaring High programme."

Heavenly realm
"Feel His presence and His Kingdom"

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